Hello friends of Grandview Heights Public Library!

Grandview Heights Public Library is pleased to announce our partnership with award-winning children's artist Uncle Jim. Uncle Jim is assisting us in our mission of becoming a center for activities which enrich and expand the minds and lives of those who participate as patrons. How? He is offering to share the proceeds from both of his Number 1 hit CDs “Funky as a Diaper” and “Let There Be Fun”. For every Uncle Jim children's CD or download purchased, 50% goes directly to the Grandview Heights Public Library!

Uncle Jim's music focuses on character building for children in a fun and uplifting mix of musical styles. He was voted XM Nation's Best New Kids Artist and has received awards from iParenting and the Children's Music Web.

Uncle Jim is aware of the challenges of providing a well-trained, professional staff that anticipates and readily responds to the needs and requests of the community. He hopes his contribution will help Grandview Heights Public Library in achieving this. His dream is to brighten your children's smiles, teach character lessons and bring joy and wonder to you through his music. These CDs are lots of fun and will make a great gift for all of the children in your lives.

Uncle Jim will be performing a live concert at Grandview Heights Public Library on Thursday, April 2 at 7pm!

Click the large button below to watch a video of Uncle Jim, listen to his music, and learn how you can help Grandview Heights Public Library.